About Us...


Flagship Pomade Co. started in a small apartment in Little Rock, Arkansas and has slowly grown into what it is today. It began as a hobby... But has slowly become an obsession and the means by which we now support our family. Making extremely small batches of pomade, building recipes, spending endless nights doing research and learning more about the ingredients to choose, Flagship turned into something we now live and breath... Something that we are now very proud of.

When we started, we wanted to take influences from some of the larger names in the home brew pomade community and make something of our own. There is a never ending list of new products and new techniques as this niche grows, and it has changed this industry for the better.




Our Flagship line of products (Black Ship, Insubmersible, etc.) are products that are vegan, soy-free, and all-natural. We have taken time to try and make sure that our products come from suppliers that are sourced from reputable places. Our waxes and oils are all plant based. We use essential oils in our core line up of scents (although at times we will make custom scents using fragrance oils for individual customers and will sell the couple of extras here as well).

Our Steel Horse line on the other hand is an avenue to allow us to use other types of ingredients to create new products. These include things like beeswax, lanolin, and fragrance oils. Even though this is the case, we take pride in where these come from and still strive to make a quality product that is not only versatile, but also healthy. We love being challenged and trying to create new things, and Steel Horse allows us to do that. 


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